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Periodica Mathematica Hungarica


The class of abelian p-groups with minimal full inertia, that is, satisfying the property that fully inert subgroups are commensurable with fully invariant subgroups is investigated, as well as the class of groups not satisfying this property; it is known that both the class of direct sums of cyclic groups and that of torsion-complete groups are of the first type. It is proved that groups with “small" endomorphism ring do not satisfy the property and concrete examples of them are provided via Corner’s realization theorems. Closure properties with respect to direct sums of the two classes of groups are also studied. A topological condition of the socle and a structural condition of the Jacobson radical of the endomorphism ring of a p-group G, both of which are satisfied by direct sums of cyclic groups and by torsion-complete groups, are shown to be independent of the property of having minimal full inertia. The new examples of fully inert subgroups, which are proved not to be commensurable with fully invariant subgroups, are shown not to be uniformly fully inert.


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