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1.1 MATHEMATICS, Applied mathematics, Particles and fields physics

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We consider a quantum scalar field on the classical background of an asymptotically anti–de Sitter black hole and the backreaction the field’s stress-energy tensor induces on the black hole geometry. The backreaction is computed by solving the reduced-order semiclassical Einstein field equations sourced by simple analytical approximations for the renormalized expectation value of the scalar field stress-energy tensor. When the field is massless and conformally coupled, we adopt Page’s approximation to the renormalized stress-energy tensor, while for massive fields we adopt a modified version of the DeWitt-Schwinger approximation. The latter approximation must be modified so that it possesses the correct renormalization freedom required to ensure the semiclassical equations are consistent. Equipped with these approximations, the reduced-order field equations are easily integrated and the first-order (in ℏ) corrections to the metric are obtained. We also compute the corrections to the black hole event horizon, surface gravity, and minimum temperature as well as corrections to the photon sphere and quadratic curvature invariants. We pay particular attention to the temperature profiles of the semiclassical black holes compared with their classical counterparts, pointing out some interesting qualitative features produced by the backreaction. These results ought to provide reasonable approximations to the first-order (one-loop) quantum backreaction on the geometry of asymptotically anti–de Sitter black holes when the exact numerical stress-energy tensor sources the semiclassical equations.