Synthesis and Spectroscopic Analysis of Therapeutic Ru(II) Complexes

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Physical chemistry

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XXIV International Conference on Photochemistry, ICP2009, Toledo, Spain, July 2009


The aim of this study is to synthesise and characterise new ligands based on a 1,10-Phenanthroline-5,6-dione backbone and their respective Ru(II) complexes; Ru(bpy)2mfmp, Ru(bpy)2fmp and Ru(bpy)2NO2-mp as shown in figure 1.The synthesis of the ligands will be discussed and a variety of Ru(II) complexes. A brief insight of the electronic and NMR spectroscopy will be presented along with preliminary photochemical results such as extinction coefficients, quantum yields and luminescence lifetimes. Ruthenium complexes have well established synthetic and photochemical properties.1The objective of this work is to synthesise Ru(II) complexes for the applications of potential therapeutics. In order to establish their uses in medicinal applications we must first ensure their purity and photochemical properties.



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