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The First European Cyclodextrin Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, October 2009


A general disadvantage of chemotherapy is that the drugs cannot discriminate between fast-growing cancer cells and normal healthy cells which causes many side-effects such as hair loss. An ideal solution to current methods of chemotherapy would be the development of a carrier for an anticancer drug which would be able to transport the drug and therefore target only cancer cells and release the drug molecules inside the cells. In this work folic acid (FA) is attached to an aminoalkane derivative of b-cyclodextrin (CDEn) with a view to developing novel drug delivery systems for therapeutic purposes. Cytotoxisity of folate-conjugate (CDEnFA) is tested on folate over-expressing cell line (HeLa cells) and folate receptor deficient cell line (A549 cells). EC50 values compared to standard (Cisplatin).


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