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Microbiology, Virology, Biochemistry and molecular biology, Biodiversity conservation

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International Journal of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. ISSN 2349-2341 Volume 3, Number 1 (2015), pp. 1-7 © International Research Publication House


Abstract This research paper for medical science is applying new original further science aimed at curing the Ebola virus and adding to research for the vaccination, curing and treatment of diseases. This research approach achieves the construction of own research from accumulating answers to set goals finding answers to analysis of information of factors associated to disease research and this research adds to medical development needs as observed by actions reported from sources in the news media and from sources in general medical science literature. New theories are presented that apply to medical science involving disease function, new case types, new reactions for new medications and symptom involvement in illness and health and also a new theory of reactions observed that stop disease spread and accounts for cases survival from diseases called the fill clutter and touch lockdown reaction structure pattern stop of diseases theory is proved and has use in scientific understanding and also for producing vaccines, cures and treatments to disease. This research adds to medical science understanding with correct new understanding and potential new methods that is a correct education that does correct research and correct proposals for finding successful results for correct application as this paper outlines a complete account to aid medical science for development of medical vaccines, cures and treatments to diseases that is a new analytical approach for research and treatment.