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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Dublin Institution of Technology for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Data Analytics) 2017.


Quality ranking systems are crucial in the assessment of the academic performance of an institution because these assessment systems give details about how different learning institutions deliver their services. Education quality is also of paramount importance to the students because it is through quality education that these students develop skills that are needed in the job market. Besides, education enhances a student's academic and reasoning capacities. When universities are subjected to ranking systems, they are likely to improve their quality to be ranked high in the system. When the university administrators are exposed to ranking, competition gears up. Through competition, the quality of education also improves and through that the general education system improves. In addition, with rapid technological progress, increased human mobility and economic growth, the concept of quality assessment at the national level has shifted to an international level and now the evaluation of higher education quality is being conducted on the basis of international standards and comparisons. In the present context, a global ranking of a university has a significant influence on attracting research funding and academic talent. Universities are expected to collaborate and compete on an international level, and it is no longer enough to achieve excellence within any national group. It is therefore, not surprising that there is a rising tendency among universities to become centres of "World class excellence". The findings of this study indicated that teaching, citations, income, number of students are key predictors for predicting the international outlook of universities. Also, it showed that geography is a significant contributor that recognized when it was added to the models for assessing the quality of the worldwide universities.