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Theses, Masters


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Computer Sciences

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Successfully submitted for the Msc. in Computing (Information and Knowledge Management), September, 2014.


Given the advances in technology the field of social network analysis has very much hit the forefront in recent years. The information age harnesses the use of social network analysis for multiple industries and for solving complex problems. Social network analysis is an important tool in the world of the military and counter intelligence, whether it’s the capture of Osama Bin Laden or uncovering hidden Al Qaeda terrorist networks, the world around us is built on networks, be that hidden or otherwise. Online social networks give new information in the world of intelligence agencies similarly online financial communities such as Yahoo Finance gives intelligent information to knowledge hungry investors. This thesis is concerned with the exploration and exploitation of online financial community dynamics and networks using social network analysis (SNA) as a mechanism. Social network analysis measurement techniques will be applied to understand the reaction of online investors to military and terrorist geopolitical events, the stock market’s reaction to these events and if it is possible to predict military stock prices after military and terrorist geopolitical events.