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Successfully submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Knowledge Management), 2015.


Today, with the rapid evolution of technology, there has also been a rapid development of medical software and systems in hospitals. These systems and software are now being used globally in many hospitals by users of different languages and cultures. Governments and private hospitals pay large sums of money to utilise highly efficient technology. When systems are changed or updated, employees often find it difficult to deal with the characteristics of the new systems. Also, behavioral factors, such as the fear of committing simple errors, might affect system performance and prevent the full utilization of the staff potential. In this research we will measure the usability of the Laboratory Information System (LIS) in two different countries, the Coombe Hospital in Dublin, Ireland and the Hail Hospital in Hail, Saudi Arabia. Two of the most accepted usability models – SUS and QUIS - are used in this research. The comparison of the two hospitals results displayed common weaknesses/strengths as well as differences between two health institutions situated in countries that differ in language and culture. Questionnaires were distributed to both hospitals and interviews were conducted with the employees of each hospital to discuss some of the points about the system. After the analysis of questionnaires and interviews, the search results determined the common system problems for both hospitals. Consequently system problems from the analysis of both surveys