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Theses, Masters


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Computer Sciences

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Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Knowledge management), March 2015.


The project builds on research in the domain of knowledge management, with a literature review covering several aspects of the domain. There is particular emphasis on knowledge management implementations within organisations. Several researchers in the area offer methodologies or strategies for organisations to adopt, when implementing knowledge management initiatives. These options are covered at length in the literature review along with real world case studies on organisations that have implemented knowledge initiatives with varying degrees of success. A key aspect of the research is assessing the impact of organisational culture on knowledge management initiatives. The literature review contains an extensive section on organisational culture. Included is a definition of what constitutes organisational culture, with several authors in the area detailing the various types of culture that can be found in organisations. The final part of the culture review highlights how culture can impact on an organisation's knowledge processes. With the aim to assess the impact that organisational culture and structure has on knowledge processes, a knowledge audit has been designed and deployed. The purpose of this experiment is to complete independent research to assess and evaluate the impacts that organisational structure and culture actually has on knowledge processes. Results are presented and evaluated through three lenses which are designed to answer specific aspects of the research question. The research provides recommendations based on the findings of the experiment. These recommendations could prove useful to organisations seeking to implement a knowledge initiative. Coupled with these recommendations are ideas for future research on the topic, which could expand the scope and scale of what was covered in this research.