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Successfully submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Data Analytics)


The advent of Semantic Web as an extension of the current World Wide Web (Web) brings methods and technologies to structure the data, interlink it with other related data and capture its semantics. This holds for new data to be published as well as for the data already on the Web. The interlinking of data led to definition of a linked data paradigm and the Semantic Web allows for creating a Global Linked Data Space. The linked data sets can combine data coming from heterogeneous sources. Using ontologies the meaning in data from different areas of interest can be compared and also new knowledge inferred. Current literature recognises potential the linked data represents and actively seeks novel uses of it. For Data Analytics using linked data means ability to bring more contextual information and ultimately gain more meaningful insights and improve accuracy of analysis results. To this end educational attainment data of pupils was analysed for correlation relationship with availability of after-school and free time facilities in corresponding areas as part of this project. Additionally linked data from selected geographical source was assessed for its benefits when included in data analysis.