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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M. Sc. in Computing (Knowledge Management) March 2014.


The field of organisational knowledge management attempts to define and identify work practices and the use of technologies which provide an organisation with sustained competitive advantage. This research presents findings from analysis carried out in an Irish financial services organisation. The organisation has no defined knowledge management strategy yet as this research will indicate that this firm can be classified as a Knowledge-Intensive Organisation. Many of the desired attributes of a knowledge management strategy and characteristics for a knowledge management system can be found within the organisations technology and cultural structures. This project, having reviewed the established literature which defines the characteristics of knowledge management and knowledge management systems then compares them against the target organisation to identify activities which are in place and identify gaps. The social characteristics are explored through a survey of the employees of the target department with the in situ tools analysed for their knowledge management capabilities. Finally having identified potential gaps within the departments’ current use of technology a new approach to organising and using the existing technology is presented to a peer group for consideration.