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Computer Sciences, Information Science

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Successfully submitted to the Technological University Dublin in part fulfilment of the requirements of the Msc. in Computing, 2013.


In spite of all the excitement and fuss around cloud computing technologies in recent years, it is believed that the industry has been to some extent lagging behind when it comes to the deployment of cloud technologies and migration from legacy Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This research aims to investigate the influential factors that impact adoption of cloud-based technologies by various organizations. More specifically, this research focuses on the behaviour of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) rather than larger organizations. Such classification is crucial since the constraints applicable to SMEs are different to their larger counterparts and subsequently the decision mechanisms and influential factors are dissimilar. The research is conducted through design and implementation of a real cloud-based solution that has been evaluated by three SMEs from different sectors and with different requirements. Subsequently, using the cloud-based test-bed, a number of quantitative measurements are performed to provide a better understating of some of the performance aspects of the implemented solution. Along with the pilot system evaluation, two survey studies are conducted targeting both employees, as well as, organizations’ chief level executives.