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Computer Sciences, Information Science

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Successfully submitted to the Technological University Dublin in part fulfilment of the requirements of the Msc. in Computing, 2013.


The diversity of learners in the classroom has expanded significantly in the past twenty years, in a modern classroom it is unsurprising to see learners for whom English is not their first language, learners with specific learning difficulties, mature learners, learners attempting to return to work, etc., so much so that the 'typical' learner has become extinct. This research will look at the use of Information Communication Technology in Education by undertaking an investigation of how the use of ICT can aid learners, both digital natives and digital immigrants. The project will use learning styles at the core of an e-Learning tool developed as a model of diversity. A great deal of research has been carried out in this area with regard to learning styles and how interaction with ICT can facilitate learning. In this work a range of students will be introduced to an e-Learning tool to aid in their learning of a specific topic, in this case a small element of spreadsheet design. To evaluate the success of the e-Learning tool the learners will undertake a questionnaire.