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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Information Technology) September 2012.


Governments are the custodians of vast amount of data. While some of this data may be sensitive in nature, in that it contains personal or confidential information, much of it is in the public interest. Recent years has seen the emergence of Open Government Data (OGD) where governments are now actively making their data available in open and electronically accessible formats. The motivation for the production of such data includes a desire to increase transparency but also a desire to realise the economic potential associated with re-use of this data. A key usage area for this data to date has been within mobile applications where raw OGD is transformed into a consumable product. Making data available for re-use in this context introduces the concept of data quality in that the OGD being released must be of sufficient quality to allow for re-use by application developers. This dissertation proposes a set of quality guidelines to be applied to OGD to aid its utility within mobile application development. The guidelines are derived from an assessment of Irish produced OGD. Existing data quality literature indicates that data quality can be assessed at both an objective and subjective level. This research adopts this proposal, objectively assessing OGD data quality through an impartial assessment of the data. It also subjectively assesses the quality of OGD through it utilisation within an experimental mobile application developed on the Android platform. The resulting assessment findings are interpreted to produce a set of OGD quality guidelines.