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Sucessfully submitted for the award of M.Sc. in Computing (Knowledge Management) in September, 2009.


The analysts of Datamonitor describe the knowledge management and collaboration as 2009 trends to watch. Why is collaboration and KM so important? It can be managed for unstructured business processes through sharing knowledge, best practices and experience on the business process context, soliciting feedback on problem resolution, seeking support from colleagues or communicating with other partner and customer communities. The challenge for organisations, especially for sales oriented teams is finding a way of structured managing and supporting the combination of the benefits based on the exchange of information in already existing unstructured activities in collaborative environments. This research aims to show how an approach of bringing knowledge sharing to a sales oriented team in a dynamic organisation can be realised with familiarising the reader with an understanding of the concepts of knowledge management and existing ideas and concepts. The organisation in this context will be represented by a team that is part of the overall organisation. The author will show how a framework of methods can be established as the beginning of implementing a solution for knowledge sharing into the team. The intention of this work is to use existing approaches of knowledge management to analyse the team at the beginning and demonstrate how – based on the findings and the results of the analysis – the implementation of a framework for knowledge sharing with the goal to eliminate or reduce the identified issues within the team and to elicit participation to improve the quality of work. This work is used to define a method of how to introduce starting points of knowledge management into a team with using best practices and gathered information out of this project.