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Dissertation submitted for the award of MSc. in Computing (Knowledge Management).


We are now becoming more and more dependent on web technologies in our personal lives for our communication, information and entertainment needs. But what about using these skills and technologies for our business lives, could they transform the business world in the same way they have transformed our personal world? The purpose of this research was to investigate whether the latest web applications could be successfully implemented into an organisation who wished to transform itself into a modern and flexible organisation. This research was primarily focused on introducing organisational learning into the business through the use of new technology and adapting the corporate culture to facilitate change. Outlined in this work were the main challenges involved; modifying the organization mainly through the use of Senge Five Disciplines and the successful introduction of the changes required whether they be technical or otherwise. New technologies such as blogs and wikis are rarely being used in the corporate world, this research has shown the implementation options and potential future benefits for using them. A survey was conducted to evaluate the industry response to the framework put forward as a result of this work; this survey showed the successes that organisations in Ireland have achieved but also highlighted some deficiencies that exist and will have to be overcome if they are to achieve their goal of becoming a learning organisation.