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International conference on web services 2021


Data is of high quality if it is fit for its intended use in operations, decision-making, and planning. There is a colossal amount of linked data available on the web. However, it is difficult to understand how well the linked data fits into the modeling tasks due to the defects present in the data. Faults emerged in the linked data, spreading far and wide, affecting all the services designed for it. Addressing linked data quality deficiencies requires identifying quality problems, quality assessment, and the refinement of data to improve its quality. This study aims to identify existing end-to-end frameworks for quality assessment and improvement of data quality. One important finding is that most of the work deals with only one aspect rather than a combined approach. Another finding is that most of the framework aims at solving problems related to DBpedia. Therefore, a standard scalable system is required that integrates the identification of quality issues, the evaluation, and the improvement of the linked data quality. This survey contributes to understanding the state of the art of data quality evaluation and data quality improvement. A solution based on ontology is also proposed to build an end-to-end system that analyzes quality violations' root causes.



Science Foundation Ireland