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Proceedings: 21st International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications Services (iiWAS2019)


This paper uses Twitter as a microblogging platform to link hashtags, which relate the message to a topic that is shared among users, to Wikidata, a central knowledge base of information relying on its members and machine bots to keeping its content up to date. The data is stored in a highly structured format, with the added SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language (SPARQL) endpoint to allow users to query its knowledge base. Our research, designs and implements a process to stream live Twitter tweets and to parse existing Wikidata revision XML files provided by Wikidata. Furthermore, we identify if a correlation exists between the top Twitter hashtags and Wikidata revisions over a seventy-seven-day period.We have used statistical evaluation tools, such as ‘Jaccard Ratio’ and ‘Kolmogorov-Smirnov’ to investigate a significant statistical correlation between Twitter hashtags and Wikidata revisions over the studied period.