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9th. International Conference on Computer Games: AI, Animation, Mobile, Educational and Serious Games, Technological University Dublin, Dublin, 22-24 November, 2006


In this paper we describe our work in using the Source engine from the game Half Life 2 to develop a serious game -Serious Gordon. Serious Gordon is used to teach principalsof food safety and food hygiene in a restaurant kitchen environment.The target users of Serious Gordon are students of catering in the DIT Faculty of Tourism and Food. Thepaper describes the formation of the Serious Gordon teamand the development of a story for the game. It continueswith a description of the features from Half Life 2 that we retained and those that we removed for the game. We then describe the process we undertook to implement the gameincluding a description of the tools we used. We conclude with a brief evaluation of the project and present future work.