Website engagibility

Ronan Fitzpatrick, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Article

Paper given at the EMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Stockholm, October, 29-30, 2007.


The manner in which visitors engage with the power of a website is different to the manner in which software applications and systems are used. Websites offer empowering opportunities and our understanding of this empowerment is still only at the dawn of a paradigm shift. In addition to surfing and website mining, visitors can contribute to the content of the website, manipulate configurators in order to configure product for purchase at an eCommerce website and generally interact through the activities that are provided by the website owner. Websites also provide opportunity for visitors to communicate with other individuals in real time worldwide. Groups of website visitors can create communities who experience a real sense of belonging. As website owners seek competitive advantage from their investment new empowerment opportunities that they would want to offer visitors are continuously manifesting themselves.