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Information Science, Business and Management.

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22nd ICE/IEEE ITMC 2016 – IEEE International Technology Management Conference 2016, Trondheim Norway.


SMEs have been one of the reliable

sources of income and employment worldwide. Mobile

technologies have widely been used in performing a

number of activities for SMEs. Mobile phone

technology is maintained by a single or few operators

which leave endusers

with huge relief as they no longer

deal with technical issues. However, despite the notable

advantages of using mobile phone technology in SMEs,

their values have been explained in a generic way.

Specifics on direct and indirect benefits and concerns

on particular aspect and circumstances have not been

explored. The main challenge is that it is difficult to

single out the values of a technology in organisations

because there are other separate factors which also

contribute to the overall performance. Identifying

specific values of mobile technology on the performance

of SMEs is vital for improving the utility of such

performance in accomplishing the strategic objectives.

This study explores values of mobile phone

technology in Tanzania tourism SMEs. The

methodology is grounded in the theory of Value

Focused Thinking, which uses deep facetoface

interviews, with the employees and managers the in

Tanzania tourism SMEs. The analysis shows that

mobile phone technology improves collaboration and

sharing of information between SMEs stakeholders.

Among the main concerns to the SMEs level include the

security, battery capacity, mobile network coverage,

Quality of service and operational costs. Also,

implications and future studies are highlighted in this




Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania; Technological University Dublin