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Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning.

Alessandria Italy 19-22 July 2010.


The task of building labelled case bases can be approached using active learning (AL), a process which facilitates the labelling of large collections of examples with minimal manual labelling effort. The main challenge in designing AL systems is the development of a selection strategy to choose the most informative examples to manually label. Typical selection strategies use exploitation techniques which attempt to refine uncertain areas of the decision space based on the output of a classifier. Other approaches tend to balance exploitation with exploration, selecting examples from dense and interesting regions of the domain space. In this paper we present a simple but effective exploration only selection strategy for AL in the textual domain. Our approach is inherently case-based, using only nearest-neighbour-based density and diversity measures. We show how its performance is comparable to the more computationally expensive exploitation-based approaches and that it offers the opportunity to be classifier independent.



Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. 07/RFP/CMSF718