Objective-COP: Objective Context Oriented Programming

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Conference Paper


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Computer Sciences

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Magableh, B., Barrett, S.:“Objective-cop: Objective context oriented programming,” in International Conference on Information and Communication Systems, ser. ICICS 2011, vol. 1, May 2011, pp. 45–49.


This paper introduces a context-oriented component-based application MDA (COCA-MDA) that modularizes the application's context-dependent behaviour into context-oriented components. The components separate the application's functional concerns from the extra-functional concerns. The application is organized into two casually connected layers: the base layer, which provides the application's core structure, and the meta-layer, where the COCA-components are located, and which provides composable units of behaviour. This architecture provides software developers with a clear modular structure, which reflects a clear separation of concerns between the context provider and context consumer. In addition, this paper demonstrates the possibility of implementing context-oriented programming with Objective-C. The COCA-middleware enables the context-aware application to modify its behaviour dynamically, based on the execution context conditions



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