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Ngo, V.M., Duong, TV.T., Nguyen, TBT. et al. A big data smart agricultural system: recommending optimum fertilisers for crops. Int. j. inf. tecnol. 15, 249–265 (2023).


Nutrients are important to promote plant growth and nutrient deficiency is the primary factor limiting crop production. However, excess fertilisers can also have a negative impact on crop quality and yield, cause an increase in pollution and decrease producer profit. Hence, determining the suitable quantities of fertiliser for every crop is very useful. Currently, the agricultural systems with internet of things make very large data volumes. Exploiting agricultural Big Data will help to extract valuable information. However, designing and implementing a large scale agricultural data warehouse are very challenging. The data warehouse is a key module to build a smart crop system to make proficient agronomy recommendations. In our paper, an electronic agricultural record (EAR) is proposed to integrate many separate datasets into a unified dataset. Then, to store and manage the agricultural Big Data, we built an agricultural data warehouse based on Hive and Elasticsearch. Finally, we applied some statistical methods based on our data warehouse to extract fertiliser information such as a case study. These statistical methods propose the recommended quantities of fertiliser components across a wide range of environmental and crop management conditions, such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) for the top ten most popular crops in EU.



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