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"Knowledge Based Systems". (31) p28-40, Elsevier


The dependency on the quality of the training data has led to significant work in noise reduction for instance-based learning algorithms. This paper presents an empirical evaluation of current noise reduction techniques, not just from the perspective of their comparative performance, but from the perspective of investigating the types of instances that they focus on for re- moval. A novel instance profiling technique known as RDCL profiling allows the structure of a training set to be analysed at the instance level cate- gorising each instance based on modelling their local competence properties. This profiling approach o↵ers the opportunity of investigating the types of instances removed by the noise reduction techniques that are currently in use in instance-based learning. The paper also considers the e↵ect of removing instances with specific profiles from a dataset and shows that a very simple approach of removing instances that are misclassified by the training set and cause other instances in the dataset to be misclassified is an e↵ective noise reduction technique.