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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) to the Technological University Dublin 2004.


In this study the current voltage characteristics of C60 thin film sandwich structures fabricated by vacuum deposition on indium tin oxide (ITO) with an aluminium top electrode are presented and discussed. A strongly non-linear behaviour and a sharp increase in the device conductivity was observed at relatively low voltages, at both room and low temperatures (30K). At room temperature the system is seen to collapse. In situ Raman measurements indicate that the collapse is the result of a solid state reduction of the fullerene thin film to a polymeric state. The high conductivity state was seen to be stable at elevated voltages and low temperatures. This state is seen to be reversible with the application of high voltages. At these high voltages the C60 film was seen to sporadically emit white light at randomly localized points analogous to the much-documented electroluminescence in single crystals. Moreover, the evidence suggests that this highly conducting species maybe similar in nature to a high intensity optically excited species.


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