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Master thesis


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Sport and fitness sciences

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A Thesis Presented For the Award of Masters by Research, Technological University Dublin, August 2021.


Previous research has shown that mouth rinsing with a carbohydrate solution (CMR) can improve cycling performance while caffeine supplementation (CAFF) can improve power output in bouts of repeated sprints in a low carbohydrate availability state. The aim of the current thesis was to identify the effects of nutritional, in the form of CMR, CAFF supplementation & CAFF rinse, on exercise performance while athletes were in a fed state. A total of 32 recreationally active males (aged 22 ± 3yrs, body mass 71.5 ± 10.1kg, stature 173.5 ± 7.6cm, skinfolds 75.6 ± 19.3mm) participated across three studies, looking at time trial performance, time to fatigue and repeated sprint performance. Heart-rate responses, blood lactate, rate of perceived exertion was monitored throughout all three studies, while time to completion, time to fatigue and power output were monitored in separate studies. Results indicate that CMR (6% or 16%) significantly improve time of completion for cycling TT performance (5-7% improvement). CMR with caffeine supplementation improves time to fatigue in interval running while a combination of CHO+CAFF rinse has a moderate effect for peak power production in repeated sprints when compared to placebo and control. These findings along with previous research suggest that the regular use of CMR can decrease the risk of gastrointestinal distress reported by athletes, meaning the data can be applicable to both athletes and coaches in a realworld setting. The ability for mouth-rinse to improve maximal exercise performance in the absence of fatigue further suggests a central mechanism.




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Master thesis