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Theses, Ph.D


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1.1 MATHMATICS, 1.3 PHYSICAL SCIENCES, Polymer science

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Successfully submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D) to the Technological University Dublin, 2007.


This thesis seeks to investigate shear stress on and heat transfer from the surface of a fibre in the industrial process of melt spinning. Melt spinning is the process whereby molten polymer materials are extruded through the holes of a device known as a spinneret to create continuous filaments of polymer. Fibres manufactured in this way are used in applications as diverse as fashion and clothing, to telecommunications. The magnitude ofthe shear stress on the fibre surface, and also the rate of heat transfer from the fibre to the surrounding environment are of major importance to the overall quality of the finished product, and this thesis examines the shear stress and heat transfer experienced by an idealised fibre in the melt spinning process. Also examined is the effect of compressible fluid flow on the shear stress on the fibre's surface.