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Architecture engineering, Interdisciplinary

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CitA BIM Gathering 2021 - Published Proceedings


The integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Internet of Things (IoT) provide significant end-to-end benefits for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industry. Example applications include on-site assembly services, data localization for built environment, occupancy performance measures and many other analyses that can be used to improve the built environment. However, silos in the BIM and IoT data exchange have impacted the digital process adoption in AECO industry, which aims to change the dynamics and behaviors of the current working process. Penzes, (2018) in his report, acknowledges the AECO industry as one of the most fragmented sectors with a scattered and complex supply chain. Kelly & Dowd, (2015) reported that the prevalence of waste in AECO industry is due to old management practice and business culture, while Charlès, (2014) suggested this is a symptom of ineffective practices caused by the lack of data integration and disconnected documents between the industry players. Insufficient data for process simulation have resulted in poor productivity, high risk, and low profitability. This study sets out to critically analyse the Blockchain technology’s potential to connect, integrate and advance AECO industry information exchanges and digital processes by using BIM and IoT integration use case as a methodology to identify, clarify and organize the proposed system requirements. This paper presents a comprehensive literature review to uncover the current state of BIM and IoT data silos. Moreover, an online survey assessment and a simulated test were conducted to critically evaluate, investigate, and examine the opportunities and solutions in harmonizing BIM and IoT data silos by using the Blockchain application.