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2.1 CIVIL ENGINEERING, Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering

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Proceedings of the Civil Engineering Research in Ireland 2020 Conference, Cork, 27th - 28th August 2020.


The use of BIM in the Irish construction industry has become pervasive in the last decade and it is an essential element in improving productivity in the market. The developments in BIM education and training in supporting the increase in Ireland’s BIM maturity has been well documented in recent years, principally through the proceedings of the BIM Gatherings and the BIM in Ireland 2017 and 2019 reviews. Similarly, the public and private sectors have been surveyed to establish their readiness for digital transformation on their BIM journey. However, BIM research undertaken by Irish academics, while individually strong, has not been strategic at national level nor has it yet met all the needs of industry. This paper will review the learned publications of all research-active academics on this island in the various aspects of the field of BIM-related research in the last 5 years. It will categorise and analyse their achievements, acting as a national reference source for all parties in this industry. It will also suggest areas where further research opportunities exist in support of the continuing fast-paced evolution of this digital technology in the construction industry, nationally and internationally.