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Construction engineering

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CITA BIM Gathering 2017, November 23th -24th 2017


Government Contracts Committee for Construction (GCCC) has prepared a position paper titled ‘A Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy’, which outlines the context and rationale for the adoption of BIM and puts forward a proposed timeline for adoption, the purpose of this position paper is to invite a response from industry [1]. This paper analyses the position paper on the subject of the implementation of the proposed mandate. The author defines what is implied by UK BIM Levels 0, 1, 2 and 3, and collates the responses from industry to the position paper regarding the implementation plan. This position paper is universally welcomed by organisations and there is a want for this initiative to b e done r ight. I t i s c lear f rom the p osition paper and responses that there is confusion in the definition of the BIM maturity levels, this confusion is also validated by the literature review. The respondents also want the new mandate to take direction from the upcoming EU BIM standards. The author proposes that the mandate should be for BIM level 1 first, to encourage the public sector to introduce information management processes into their organisation, before the proposed phased mandate for BIM level 2.