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introduction of BIM technologies in the AEC Industry have been identified as an advantageous tool in the production of accurate Project Information. However, these technologies have also changed the dynamic of existing office structures within the Architectural Sector of the AEC Industry and introduced new technological barriers. The objective of this paper was to identify barriers present within the AEC Industry that were a result of the introduction of BIM Technologies. The Author then, through a mixed methodology, proposed a solution to these barriers in the form of an Automated Taxonomy that would allow for the Formation, Creation, Verification and Validation of Project Information in a BIM Model through a common file format single source datasets and Visual Programming Language. The Author then critically appraised this Automated Taxonomy within the Architectural Sector of AEC Industry through stakeholder interviews and 4th generation evaluation. The results of this paper found that an Automated Taxonomy, such as the one described above, could be used to accurately create BIM Model elements, and verify and validate said Model elements at a later date, publishing the results back to the single source dataset. Through the interview process, the Author came to the conclusion that such an Automated Taxonomy could be of benefit to the AEC Industry in breaking down Technological Barriers created through the introduction of complex modern BIM Technologies.