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Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering

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Harvey, K (2021) Should Acoustic Simulation Technology be Utilised in Architectural Practice? Does it have the Potential for BIM Integration?, Capstone Project from the MSc in aBIMM


The research presented in this paper, firstly, aims to convey the importance of our acoustic environment through focusing on the effects of undesirable acoustic conditions on cognitive abilities in spaces where cognitive performance is of the utmost concern, our learning environments. Secondly, it aims to investigate current state-of-the-art acoustic simulation methods, available platforms, and their levels of interoperability with architectural BIM authoring software. Structured interviews were carried out with 7 Irish architects and architectural technologists to determine if a disconnection between architectural design and acoustic performance exists and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of current workflows for acoustic performance evaluation. Additionally, industry opinions were gathered on whether it is measurable that our acoustic environments are at a disadvantage as a result of the apparent gap in available integrated acoustic evaluation solutions for a BIM-enabled design workflow, and finally to investigate industry demand for better integration of acoustic evaluation tools with BIM authoring platforms.