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Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering


Although different in many ways, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean Construction are two processes that are having a significant impact on the Design & Construction Industry. In recent years, the Irish AECO industry has seen a tenfold increase across numerous construction disciplines with the adoption of new workflows and processes centred around both BIM and Lean methodologies. Existing literature identifies a strong synergistic relationship between the two processes and highlights the opportunity for Lean processes and principles to be implemented into the design stage workflow. This paper investigated existing literature relating to several lean processes currently implemented in the construction industry and specifically highlights Target Value Delivery (TVD), Last Planner System (LPS) & Set Based Design (SBD) as suitable for implementation during the design stages. The Thematic Analysis method was used for analysing the data sets obtained from the online questionnaire and interviews to help gauge industry awareness and opinion relating to the implementation and potential constraints associated with the side by side implementation of these processes. An interaction matrix that investigated the positive and negative interactions associated with the synergistic relationship between the two processes was carried out as part of this research. Additionally, this paper investigated and collated a list of barriers that exist in today's design and construction industry that continue to prevent a complete and successful BIM project delivery process and specifically highlighted the need to identify the value to project stakeholders when implementing these new processes throughout all project areas of the AECO industry.