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Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering


Cost overrun is one of the biggest issues in the construction sector, and cost certainty is one of the main aims of the public construction sector in Ireland. Studies have shown that multi-disciplinary collaboration will benefit a construction project throughout its lifecycle. BIM, Lean, and IPD are independent methodologies that encourage collaborative work, and there are existent effective synergies among these concepts. The synergetic innovative international strategies were utilised for delivering large complex projects successfully globally, and many authors have studied large complex public projects that have adopted innovative international project delivery strategies collaboratively and have shown that the cost certainty was positively affected. However, this synergetic approach has only been used occasionally in Irish public works projects. The impact of innovative international project delivery strategies on the cost certainty of large complex public procurement projects will be investigated, and the barriers for implementation in Ireland will be explored. The data was derived from an extensive literature review, key stakeholders of large complex projects that embraced modern construction strategies. They were interviewed to identify the obstacles and issues they faced to utilise the trilateral synergetic strategy. This detailed research resulted in 3 Key Insights: (1) The revision of the Public Works Contracts to be more collaborative and increase trust among the stakeholders (having a form of IPD); (2) BIM Mandate is important to encourage using modern construction methodology in all public projects; (3) Finding innovative methods to change traditional thinking about construction. The consideration of the 3 Key insights will boost the implementation of the innovative project delivery that leverage BIM; this results in achieving better outcomes in Public Works, in the short, medium, and long terms for all Stakeholders.