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Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering, Municipal and structural engineering

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Lynch, K. (2020) A Comparative Study of CADWorx Plant 2018 and Revit 2020 with Ez-ISO Add-in, for the Production of Piping Isometrics, Capstone Project for the MSc aBIMM


BIM software evaluation and selection is a complex process. In this paper, a comparative study of Revit 2020 with Ez-ISO add-in, and CADWorx Plant 2018, was carried out. The aim of this study was to determine if a MEP contractor could consolidate software usage into one package, thereby reducing costs for pipework modelling and isometric production. A comprehensive evaluation was developed based on a literature review. A multicriteria decision-making method was used in conjunction with the software evaluation to ensure sound choices were made. An online survey of senior BIM professionals was conducted to validate the analysis and findings. The study determined that Revit 2020 / Ez- ISO was not a suitable alternative to CADWorx Plant 2018 in fulfilling the contractor’s needs.