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The level of BIM adoption is increasing within the AEC industry as a whole. However, some industries have been slower to adopt BIM than others, the water sector being one of these. This paper focuses on the use of BIM for water network distribution networks. If BIM is to be promoted within the water sector in Ireland, it is important to first understand why the industry is not choosing to adopt it. This study will aim to determine if it is because BIM is not suitable for their projects or if it is other factors like an unwillingness to change their methods. This paper investigates the benefits and barriers for implementing BIM on water supply projects. This will be achieved by carrying out stakeholder analysis in the form of interviews with industry professionals. The findings of the stakeholder analysis will then be used to develop an assessment model to evaluate if BIM is being implemented successfully. This assessment model was tailored for use by a Client in the water sector. This paper shows that BIM is suitable for use on some water network distribution projects. However, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account when deciding if BIM is suitable for a particular project.