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The zeitgeist of the Irish Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO) Industry is digital construction and collaborative processes. However, Clients don’t know what they want from BIM, and are confused about how to get what they need. This paper critically appraised the potential for public works contracts’ Clients to leverage the benefits from BIM processes. Key stakeholders were interviewed to establish where possible barriers and issues arise in order to enhance Client engagement throughout the capital/ delivery and operations phase of the built asset. A Toolkit, derived from the Literature Review, was investigated by the interviewees. This detailed research resulted in 4 Key Insights: (1) Improved Education & a BIM online portal to be provided by the Government; (2) The urgent revision of GCCC/CWMF Public Works Contracts to include reference to BIM technologies, standards and processes, and include confirmation of Client ownership of the BIM Model; (3). A new role of Client BIM Consultant, to be included in the Mandate from Government; (4) The requirement of a BIM Mandate for Ireland in order to drive engagement. It is proposed that the implementation of the 4 Key Insights will enable Clients to leverage the benefits of BIM would result in better outcomes on Public Works, in the short, medium and long term for all Stakeholders


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