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The Irish government has acknowledged the importance of BIM, but the adoption of it is still lower than in other countries. The implementation of more effective information mandates through the life cycle of a project could bring greater barriers, especi ally for a local authority. Therefore, in this research, which reviewed the obstacles that exist when a company tries to implement BIM, it was found that there are similarities between the barriers to BIM in Ireland and the UK, but studies and life experie nce when a design team is applying BIM have shown that if clients implement at an early stage the use of an intermediate BIM consultant, this could bring supports and help clients to achieve their goal. in addition, the evaluation of the current practices of a local authority in the UK, namely Hampshire County Council (HCC), that used a variation, or a slim version, of PAS 1192 2 in the implementation of a BIM pilot project (Case Study West of Waterlooville Primary School), was proposed to different stakeho lders in Dublin City Council in order to learn from the advances of other jurisdictions and see if this type of practice can be applied in Ireland. Furthermore, as there is a lack of BIM in local authorities in Ireland, in this research, the author develop ed a workflow of a BIM process for the delivery of a public works project as a key to overcoming the barriers to BIM. The proposed workflow was evaluated using interviews with different stakeholders within Dublin City Council, such as architects, quantity surveyors, councillor s , and managers. A mixed methodology was applied in all the objectives of this proposal, as the literature reviewed, with the addition of a fourth generation evaluation interviews with different stakeholde rs provided the conclusion of this research. This process produced a better understanding of the workflow BIM process for this LA and final recommendations to DCC for the application of the BIM process in the Capital projects are provided in the following capstone experience.