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Building Information Modelling has grown in popularity in the Irish construction sector. In 2017 the government indicated their intention to incorporate BIM into the public procurement of construction projects. The UK government mandated BIM for this purpose in 2016. It has been identified that the housebuilding /residential sector has been slow to adopt BIM. Currently there is a housing shortage in Ireland. The governments Rebuilding Ireland action plan seeks to address this by increasing the level and speed of delivery of social housing and to increase the output of private housing at affordable prices. This paper examines the relationship between BIM and housing and makes proposals on how BIM can help alleviate the housing crisis in Ireland. Its findings have been established from an in-depth literature review and qualitative research of the housing sector. It concludes that BIM is a tangible mechanism to enhance offsite manufacture. OSM will improve both housing outputs and performance. Cross laminated timber is a sustainable alternative to concrete and steel and is proven in offsite manufacture. This paper recommends direct government involvement in CLT manufacture, Off site construction and BIM training and implementation