Submissions from 2020


The Development and Trial of Systematic Visual Search: a visual inspection method designed to improve current workplace risk assessment practice, Victor Hrymak and Jan DeVries

Submissions from 2019


Visual Inspection Better For Identifying Hazards Than Checklists, Derrick Curren and Victor Hrymak

Submissions from 2013


Antibiotic Resistance in Foodborne Pathogens, Ciara Walsh and Geraldine Duffy

Submissions from 2012


Fire Safety in 17 Irish Nursing Homes, John Moore and Victor Hrymak

Submissions from 2010


The Problem of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Foodchain, Ciara Walsh

Submissions from 2007


The Costs and Effects of Workplace Accidents:20 Case Studies from Ireland, Victor Hrymak and Jose Perezgonzalez

Submissions from 2005

Expert Forecast on Emerging Physical Risks Related to Occupational Safety and Health., Eva Flaspoler, Emmanuelle Brun, Manfred Hinker, Karen Pierens, Kari Lindstrom, Karl Kuhn, and Victor Hrymak

Submissions from 2003


Health and Environmental Effects of Landfilling and Incineration of Waste - A Literature Review, D. Crowley, A. Staines, C. Collins, J. Bracken, M. Bruen, J Fry, Victor Hrymak, D. Malone, B. Magette, M. Ryan, and C Thunhurst

Submissions from 2002


Safety Behaviour in the Construction Industry, Nick MacDonald and Victor Hrymak