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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Science (MSc.) in Environmental and Safety Management to the Technological University Dublin, 2012.


Ireland, throughout the years known as the “Celtic Tiger” experienced a level of growth which culminated in many new developments in the construction sector The building” boom” of those years, was not solely monopolised by the Industrial sector; many owner/occupiers of domestic premises were in a position to develop or upgrade their existing dwellings. Current literature indicates that the poor condition of domestic electrical installations throughout Europe has raised concerns in respect of the safety of the owner/occupier. This study addresses:  The quality of Domestic electrical installations, periodic testing, inspection and verification  The Rules and regulations as developed by relevant stake holder s within the sector and enforced by the statutory bodies  Testing requirements in domestic electrical installations which underpin safety for the occupier.  The occupancy and the environmental conditions of the premises as this is an important factor, dictating the frequency of periodic inspection and verification This research complies with the National Rules for Electrical Installations ET 101:2008 4th Edition and this study will also conform to the standard norms custom and practice across the sector. There are certain steps to the verification and testing procedure: from inspection, incorporating all of the senses, to the actual tests, which address deficits not identified in the inspection process. Such regimes are implemented with fully calibrated testing equipment thereby ensuring safety and functionality in ascertaining the quality of the electrical installation. The research poses a series of questions, directed at industrial practitioners and stakeholders in the electrical services engineering sector involving the following:. The owners /occupiers A cohort of electrical apprenticeship students/Registered electrical contractors Qualitative and quantitative analysis was undertaken to ascertain the concerns and views of these important stakeholders. Statistical data collected from 15 domestic electrical installations collected and reviewed.