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Preprint of chapter from Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing (Wiley)


Scientists are currently investigating micro-robotics in the medical field with a potential to provide better medical technology in the near future. When it comes to the food industry, the use of robots has been traditionally limited to picking and palletization. Today, however, robots are used in material handling and secondary or tertiary packing. Recent developments with faster computers and sophisticated sensors have made it possible to use robotics in the meat processing sectors, where their application has reduced processing costs, occupational injuries, improved efficiency and hygiene associated with meat products. Compared to other industries, the working environment in the meat industry is not very conducive to robotics due to the noisy, damp and cold conditions. Slaughtering animals and cutting meat into pieces and disposing waste is an intensive physically demanding task. This chapter reviews the application of robotics in the meat industry and the advancements that have been made until now.