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Microbiology, 2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Bioprocessing technologies

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Patil, S. Valdramidis, V.P. Cullen, P.J. Frias, J. Bourke P. (2010) Ozone inactivation of acid stressed Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua in orange juice using a bubble column. Food Control, 21(13) 1723-1730.



Orange juice inoculated with Listeria monocytogenes strains ATCC 7644, NCTC 11994 and Listeria innocua NCTC 11288 (106 CFU/ml) as challenge microorganisms was treated with direct ozone at 0.098mg/min/ml for different time periods (0-8 min) using an ozone bubble column. Ozone treatment of mild acid stressed and mild acid stress-habituated (pH 5.5) cells of L. monocytogenes resulted in higher inactivation times compared to control non-acid stressed cells. Additionally acid stressed cells habituated in orange juice (ATCC 7644 & NCTC 11288), showed higher inactivation times during ozonation by comparison with the control as well as the mild-acid stressed cells. Overall the gaseous ozone treatment applied to orange juice resulted in a population reduction of 5 log cycles within a time range that varied between 5 to 9 min.



National Development Plan 2000-2006, through the Food Institutional Research Measure, administered by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, Ireland.