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Elsevier, Bioresource Technology


In this study, a novel pretreatment for spent coffee waste (SCW) has been proposed which combines two techniques viz. atmospheric air plasma and FeCl3 to create a superior pretreatment that involves Fenton chemistry. The pretreatment was optimised employing Taguchi Design of Experiments, and five parameters were taken into consideration viz. biomass loading, FeCl3 concentration, H2SO4 concentration, plasma discharge voltage and treatment time. The composition analysis of the pretreated SCW revealed substantial amounts of lignin removal, with a maximum for process conditions of 70kV for 2min in an acidic environment containing 1% H2SO4. FTIR, XRD and DSC were performed to characterise the samples. The pretreated SCW after enzymatic hydrolysis yielded 0.496g of reducing sugar/g of SCW. The hydrolysate was subjected to fermentation by S. cerevisiae and led to the production of 18.642g/l of ethanol with a fermentation efficiency of 74%, which was a two-fold increase in yield compared to the control.



Technological University Dublin (DIT), Dublin, Ireland