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CET: Chemical Engineering Transactions, vol.43, 2015.

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A thorough risk assessment requires input from experts in both safety analyses and the system under analysis. The cost of collecting together the required expertise for a short risk assessment may mean that for some small and medium enterprises (SME), the risk assessment is not deemed worthwhile or is completed using a generic form. This is despite the possible safety and performance benefits that can be identified via a thorough risk assessment. This paper presents a case study of a risk assessment on a rare periodic inspection & maintenance procedure planned by a LPG storage and distribution company in Slovenia. The company identified the need to risk assess this procedure and determine possible safety and performance improvements, including analysis of planned human activities. The expertise for this task was available through contacts spread across Ireland, Italy and Slovenia, but the costs of all the experts gathering together at the site were prohibitive. The solution was the use of SCOPE risk assessment software over internet video conferencing. All participants could share their expertise to identify the hazards and control the risks. This paper presents the method used and explores the requirements and benefits of this approach