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On the basis of the precisely recorded 706.52 nm He I line shape we have obtained the basic plasma parameters i.e. electron temperature (T) and electron density (N) using our new line deconvolution procedure in the case of five various plasmas created in a linear, low–pressure, pulsed arc discharge. Plasma parameters have been also measured using independent experimental diagnostical techniques. Excellent agreement was found among the two sets of the obtained parameters. This enables our deconvolution procedure to recommendation for plasma diagnostical purposes, especially in astrophysics where direct measurements of the plasma parameters (T and N) are not possible. Besides, on the basis of the observed asymmetry of the Stark broadened line profile we have obtained its ion broadening parameter (A) caused by influence of the ion microfield to the line broadening mechanism and also the influence of the ion dynamic effect (D) to the line shape. Our A and D parameters represent the first data obtained experimentally using the line profile deconvolution procedure. We have found stronger influence of the ion contribution to the 706.52 nm He I line profile than the existing theoretical approximations estimate. This can be important for plasma modeling or for diagnostics.