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Polymer science, Biomaterials, Bioplastics, Biomaterials

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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, April 2014.


Dielectric barrier discharge atmospheric plasma is a novel non-thermal technology for the food and packaging industry. The effects of dielectric barrier discharge plasma on the surface, structural, thermal and moisture sorption properties of edible zein films have been examined. Plasma treatment increased the surface roughness and equillibrium moisture content of the zein film in a direct relationship with the applied voltage level. No significant difference in the thermal stability of the zein film is also observed after plasma treatment. Dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatments of zein film lead to a change in the protein conformation which is confirmed by X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform Infrared spectroscopy. The evaluation of films modifications by plasma discharge will contribute to enhance the in-package decontamination studies of food products by plasma.