Effect of Ozone and Calcium Lactate Treaments on Browning and Textured Properties of Fresh-Cut Lettuce.

Daniel Rico, Dublin Institute of Technology
Ana Belen Martin-Diana, Dublin Institute of Technology
Gary Henehan, Dublin Institute of Technology
Jesus Maria Frias, Dublin Institute of Technology
J. Barat, Universidad Politécnica, Camino de Vera
Catherine Barry-Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Article

Trends in Food Science and Technology, Vol. 18, 4, 2007, p. 210-218.



The preservation of quality of fresh products is relevant for the industry due to its economic impact. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the use of different sources of calcium to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables in order to extend the shelf life and enhance the nutritional value. Emphasis is on discussing about the best sources of calcium, concentration, temperature and method of application, suitability of the commodities; and some hints for the cost/benefit analysis are presented.