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3S Group: Smart Sustainable Solutions for Business Processes

Adapt Research Centre

Antenna & High Frequency Research Centre

Applied Intelligence Research Centre

Applied Social Computing Network

Audio Research Group

Biomedical Devices and Assistive Technology Research Group

Centre for Consumption and Leisure Studies

Centre for Eye Research Ireland

Centre for Higher Education Research, Policy and Practice

Centre for Social and Educational Research

Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice


Crest: Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology

Digital Media Centre

Directorate of Research and Enterprise

Electrical Power Research Centre

Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute

EUt+ Academic Press

FADE: Festivals Audiences and the Digital Experience

FOCAS Research Institute

Futures Academy

Higher Education Policy Research Unit

Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship

Learning,Teaching & Technology Centre

National Institute for Transport and Logistics

Photonics Research Centre



REAP: National Network for Enterprise Engagement

Research Centre for Psychology, Education and Emotional Intelligence

SFI Centre in Research Training in Advanced Networks for Sustainable Societies (ADVANCE-CRT)

SFI Centre in Research Training in Digitally-Enhanced Reality (d-Real)

SFI Centre in Research Training in Machine Learning (ML-Labs)

SME Management Development Research Group

Space Research Group

Spatial Information Sciences Research Group

Tobacco Free Research Institute Ireland (TFRI)

Tourism Research Centre

tPOT: People Oriented Technology